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Supercharge Your AWS Security Posture Using Identity and Data Controls

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Jeff Moncrief, Field CTO & Director of Solution Engineering
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Identity and data permissions in AWS, properly used, will allow you to deliver security far superior to anything possible in a data center world. However, many organizations are struggling to securely manage all of these identities and the risks to their cloud. In turn, malicious actors are acutely aware of the gaps and are actively exploiting them. Learn how least privilege, least access, separation of duties, privilege escalations, executed properly, can be quickly and easily enforced where it actually matters in your cloud.

Join our session where we will answer the following:

  • How Sonrai’s Intelligent CSPM provides visibility and remediation inside your AWS environments
  • How your organization can apply appropriate security controls to enhance identity security and data protection
  • What specific frameworks and policies are necessary to identify and reduce risk across your environment

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