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Moving at Agile Speed: Improve Enterprise FinTech Cloud Security

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Presented By
Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research, Sonrai Security
Dan Woods, Principal Analyst, Early Adopter Research\
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The gap between moving to the cloud and implementing strong security has shrunk as new technologies accelerate the process. But there is a perceived trade between the objective of agile software development and the security that is meant to be achieved in fintech orgs. 

As organizations scale their public cloud implementation and the number of applications deployed, developers are slowed down as they are now forced to deal with security-related components to deploy and manage their application, which at scale, becomes complex. On the other side, the security team still has to maintain security and controls around all the applications, objects, and environments that are deployed.

This webinar, presented by Dan Woods, technology analyst and founder of Early Adopter Research, and Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research and CISO of Sonrai Security, will discuss how:

  • To effectively achieve the desired result of speed and security.
  • To identify the most critical risks and repercussions of following outdated governance policies when migrating to newer technologies.
  • To provide a five-step approach that all organizations can use to deliver governance and security across DevOps and security to reduce risk in their public clouds.

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