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Live Hack: Common Paths to Breach from One Compromised AWS Identity

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Jeff Moncrief, Director of Sales Engineering at Sonrai Security
Dave Shackleford, a SANS analyst, senior instructor, course author, GIAC technical director and member of the board of directors for the SANS Technology Institute
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The greatest risk to data security in the public cloud is its own complexity and scale. Breach tactics remain, on the whole, mundane: bad actors simply take advantage of the labyrinth of identity structures within the public cloud infrastructure. The sheer number of interlocking entities, permissions, roles, and privileges in a modern enterprise cloud presents many opportunities for unintentional paths to data via compromised identities.

The best way to visualize this is to actually see it from a hackers perspective - so were doing this live in the cloud to show the most common paths to a data breach in AWS. Were using simple command-line arguments to compromise an identity in a typical s3 bucket and make our way to sensitive data. Well go through how bad actors can easily abuse concepts like:

  • Privilege escalations
  • Trust relationships
  • Toxic identity combinations
  • Improper separation of duties

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