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Secure Multi-Cloud Environments: Intelligent Cloud Security Posture Management

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Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research, Sonrai Security
Dan Woods, Principal Analyst, Early Adopter Research
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An effective security program is rooted in a strong operational foundation. As evidenced by a number of high-profile data breaches, successful attacks on cloud services were most commonly the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement, and mistakes according to Gartner Research. Without clean operations, your security operations model is destined to fail. As such, IT, Security, and Risk Management leaders must invest in Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) processes and tools to proactively and reactively identify and remediate risks.

Digital transformation is putting pressure on every function inside the enterprise – especially IT, Security, and Cloud Operations teams. Whether it’s utilizing short-lived technology like containers, assessing the state of public cloud environments, or maintaining the security of applications, the modern attack surface presents a growing challenge to security and cloud leaders looking to accurately understand and reduce identity and data risk.

  • How does CSPM provide enterprises with visibility into the state of public cloud infrastructure?
  • What specific steps are being used to create effective operations and security programs to identify and reduce risk across cloud environments?
  • What are best practices and tips for utilizing CSPM in the public cloud?
  • What ways can you use controls to enhance identity and data security?
  • Where does CSPM fit into a cloud security model? And what else is needed?

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