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AWS Checklist for 2021: Security, Risk, and Compliance Priorities

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Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research, Sonrai Security
Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research
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Many organizations have accelerated their digital transformation in recent months, often out of necessity to keep operations running from rapid WFH growth. In turn, this transformation has seen AWS adoption grow exponentially.

There are many benefits to using AWS, but how do you manage security, compliance, and access risk within the AWS environment? Ignoring security gaps and relying on a single vendor dramatically increases risk, but with many cloud and security teams being asked to reduce costs in the challenging economic climate, taking a single vendor approach can be tempting.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the security risks, compliance considerations, and access considerations in AWS and how you can implement strategies to mitigate them.

Key Takeaways:

- Understand the common security and access risks associated with AWS
- Learn how to ensure security for identities and data in your AWS environment
- Best practices for compliance to protect critical data and identity access

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