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Shift Left With Security Built-In - Ensure Organization-Wide Adoption of Best SDLC Practices

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From Dev to Ops and Everything In Between – Make Everyone Accountable For Security

Enterprises need a collaborative approach to business, development, security, and operations as stakeholders deliver reliable applications at the speed of public multi-cloud. DevOps teams work to get new code pushed out rapidly, while improving quality and staying operationally sound. However, with speed comes risk. Cloud misconfigurations remain the number one cause of data breaches. A simple misconfiguration can quickly escalate into major security risk resulting in catastrophe for an organization.

While dynamic DevOps built applications have stormed ahead in terms of speed, scale, and functionality, they are often lacking in robust security and compliance.

Enterprises with a DevOps framework should shift security left towards DevSecOps, bringing security into the software development lifecycle earlier. This includes training and educating individuals of all abilities and across all technology disciplines to a higher level of security achievement.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps mandates that teams make decisions for code, applications, and data with a security mindset, while meeting the necessary speed and scale demands of the cloud.

A DevSecOps framework (with automated tools) ensures security is built into its operations, applications, and development rather than as an afterthought. By ensuring that security is present during every stage of the software delivery lifecycle, you can experience continuous integration, faster software releases, reduced compliance cost, and reduced risk.

Bringing development, operations, and security together under one function, with security in equal consideration, significantly reduces the risk for any enterprise leveraging the public cloud. Security is now a core component of the software development workflow, rather than retrofitting it later during the CDLC.

Worry Less About Security Decisions Through Automation

DevSecOps teams adhere to policies, processes, and governance that reduce risk and keep data secure while avoiding innovation bottlenecks. In the CI/CD model, releases occur a lot more frequently. Security stays at the forefront as all team members work to prevent delays and derailments to application delivery. What could have been a few weeks, takes months of development, testing, and integration.

A large part of the challenge is identifying risk early on and using the right tools to guide you through the entire CI/CD process. In today’s multi-cloud environments, identities make up the security perimeter. With thousands of person and non-person identities, the right tools that integrate into the CI/CD pipeline and reduce risks across all of AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes environments are required.

What is DevSecOps?


A Platform Designed with Input from DevSecOps Pros, Like You

Through our experience working with DevSecOps - from Fortune 500 customers to cloud-native start-ups - we created a platform that solves the most complex cloud security challenge: ensuring that security and compliance is effectively managed while enabling continued innovation and agility.

Sonrai Dig empowers DevSecOps to continuously reduce risk and enforce compliance across multiple clouds. It holds customers’ hands and guides them through code releases with a new approach to identity and data security. After seamless CI/CD integration, our patented technologies and graph are designed to continuously identify and monitor every possible relationship between identities and data that exists inside your public cloud. The graph can discover access at scale, giving you ongoing visibility at the onset of any changes.

Our code promotion blocks add pre-deployment compliance checks to your CI/CD pipeline. With Sonrai Dig, you can implement continuous delivery to secure software delivery and enforce compliance policies, secure the production environment through infrastructure, and build security into DevSecOps feedback loops.

What is DevSecOps

Sonrai CEO: Next Phase of DevSecOps Starts Now

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Automate DevSecOps

Use Sonrai Dig to automate security pin your SDLC and prevent unwanted or unknown risk

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Workflow Automation

Integrate security and compliance checks into CI/CD pipelines to increase deployment speed and validate compliance earlier in the SDLC

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Remediate & Prevent

Should an unwanted change occur to your environment, restrict the creation or prevent the change of risky out-of-policy services.

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Block Code Promotion

Fully integrate security into your CI/CD pipeline to ensure that code does not make it to the next stage until all the risks are addressed and your governance frameworks are adhered to.

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Detect Cloud Drift

Prevent changes to that may occur in your cloud environment post-provisioning by analyzing infrastructure drift events and preventing or remediating them

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Find & Classify Data

Continuously scan across your clouds to identify where your critical data is and what type of data it is

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Ready to De-Risk Your Public Cloud? See It For Yourself.

Identity and data access complexity are exploding in your public cloud. Tens of thousands of pieces of compute, thousands of roles, and a dizzying array of interdependencies and inheritances. First-generation security tools miss this as evidenced by so many breaches. Sonrai Dig de-risks your cloud by finding these holes, helping you fix them, and preventing those problems from occurring in the first place. Schedule a conversation to talk with us about how we can help your enterprise.