CIEM Technology Guide

With the rise in reliance on cloud services, cybersecurity requirements have dramatically changed. Though providers work tirelessly to shore up vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses against threats; customers still hold ultimate liability when it comes to securing identities and data.

A key element as organizations expand their cloud resources is Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM). By leveraging a CIEM, enterprise organizations can lock down and secure data at the scale and speed of the cloud.

The Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Buyers Guide will cover:

  • Cloud identity and entitlement exposures, risks, and challenges
  • Key features of CIEM solutions, including account and entitlements discovery, entitlements remediation, entitlements optimization, entitlements protection, entitlements detection, and deployment
  • Questions to ask your CIEM solution provider

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Exceptional Cloud Security

Modern development destroyed traditional security controls and created risks that on-prem solutions can’t handle. At Sonrai, we believe when done correctly, the cloud delivers security far better than anything on-prem. To ensure the cloud is a showcase of exceptional security, organizations must focus on the data, not the perimeter.

What can Sonrai do?

Sonrai is your all-in-one cloud security platform packed full of features to make your cloud a showcase of exceptional security. We mend the gap between Workload, Platform, Identity, and Data security.

Workload Security (CWPP)

Uncovering the true impact and severity of vulnerabilities requires a continuous picture of the platform, identity, and data information about the host. Our agentless design knows which vulnerabilities give access to critical data and help you prioritize those with higher risk.

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Platform Security (CSPM)

Giving you a full picture of your cloud is only part of the job; true platform security must continuously monitor and deliver a full inventory to identify any drifting from security frameworks or custom set objectives. Sonrai’s continuous monitoring of activity logs, cloud assets, and configuration allow us to capture and monitor everything, even serverless functions that only exist for minutes.

Identity Security (CIEM)

Prioritizing data is only possible if you understand every path from identities to the data. With the traditional perimeter gone, identity must become the new perimeter, but it’s complex. With Sonrai, you gain a single source of truth for every identity’s permissions and understand all possible access to sensitive data, regardless of which cloud the data is in.

Data Security (Cloud DLP)

Locating and locking down sensitive data is only possible if you know where your data is. With Sonrai, you can automatically tag, classify, and track sensitive data, allowing you to enforce least access and ensures critical resource monitoring.

Trusted by Organizations Worldwide

Technology Product Owner and Public Cloud Compliance, Top 10 US Bank

“We need to move quickly without losing security. Sonrai gives us both speed and security.”

Head of Cloud, Top 5 Canadian Bank

“Our security team demanded extensive governance around sensitive data for all AWS and Azure deployments. With Sonrai, we verify all identity and data controls are in place and working. We can demonstrate that our risk in the cloud is equivalent or less than our on-premise data centers.”

Security Architect, RMS

“Sonrai Security provides us with complete visibility of platform, identity, and data risks across our large AWS cloud infrastructure. The platform has become the cornerstone of the RMS public cloud risk management and security program.”

Director of Cloud Infrastructure Architecture, Fortune 100 Insurance Company

“I want the business to release at the speed they want without compromising security.”

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