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Sonrai Security extends enterprise identity platform with new Governance Automation Engine

Author: Sonrai Security Marketing | Date: July 31, 2020
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From "Larry Bianculli, Managing Director of Enterprise and Commercial Business at Long Island-headquartered MSSP CCSI, detailed how Sonrai was able to extend and scale what CCSI was already doing in the space.

“Our company came out of IBM 40 years ago as a services organization, and today we are more of an MSSP than a reseller, with professional services and managed services at our core,” Bianculli said. “We have been very strong in security for the last 15 years, and almost ten years ago we launched a cloud practice in parallel to security, because we knew cloud and security would come together. We started doing our version of Sonrai about three years ago, and took it to market as a cloud security assessment – really more of an audit.”

Bianculli said that these assessments were very successful, but they had a problem of scalability.

“These security assessments were very manual,” he said. “We came across Sonrai nine months ago, and saw how they would let us scale to meet our customer demands, and become an additional service that would fuel our growth. That was key from a business standpoint. We will likely carve a whole separate business division off into cloud governance. This new Governance Automation Engine is something we are looking forward to as well. The response from customers has been fantastic.”