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Sonrai Security Deepens Security Ties With AWS

Author: Sonrai Security Marketing | Date: March 25, 2021
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Recently, Michael Vizard, IT journalist at Security Boulevard spoke with Brendan Hannigan, CEO and Co-founder of Sonrai Security for a recent article, "Sonrai Security Deepens Security Ties With AWS."

The article covers our relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), including the addition of our AWS Security Competency status in Identity and Data Protection and the Sonrai Dig integration with AWS Control Tower. Our relationship builds on an existing collaboration with AWS to help customers move fast and to deliver value on AWS with Sonrai Dig.

"With identity and data security central to our approach, the Sonrai Dig platform has become critical to the cloud security operating model of many large customers,” said Tilak Yalamanchili, Vice President, Business Development, Sonrai Security. “We automate everything an enterprise needs to do to live up to their responsibilities in the shared security model of the cloud and are pleased to collaborate with AWS on this journey.”

With the rapid growth and expansion of cloud computing and its increasingly complex workloads, this integration sets up Sonrai Security clients and partners for success by enabling them to reduce risk as they embrace the cloud. With Sonrai Dig, companies can quickly configure accounts to meet security and compliance requirements in addition to receiving full visibility of all identities -- both human and non-human -- and data stores in the cloud. Sonrai Dig delivers real-time actionable information on the security and compliance of customer workloads on AWS.

To learn more about our collaboration with AWS, read our recent press release.

Read the complete article by Michael Vizard on Security Boulevard.