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Audit Teams

Worry Less About Reporting - And More About Core Business

Importance of DevOps in Cloud Security

Visibility to accurately assess and evaluate your security controls, and provide recommendations when deficiencies are found is critical for modern audit teams

Audit teams must navigate ever-increasing requirements from a wide variety of stakeholders, increasing regulations, and deeply technical teams. They are expected to review every aspect of the information security program, the environment in which the program runs, and the outputs of the program. Reporting on information security activity and control deficiencies to decision-makers, identify root causes, and making recommended corrective action for deficiencies is only the tip of the iceberg.

Cloud environments are very complex the days where it was just infrastructure are long gone. Enterprises are taking advantage of cloud-native services, such as containers, orchestration tools, and serverless functions, to help them further improve efficiency and decrease costs which adds complexity to auditing and reporting.

In this new cloud world, identities form the perimeter. With 1000s of human and non-person identities in an average cloud environment, it is absolutely necessary to know and manage the risks to your identities and the way they interact with data, to keep your organization secure.

Sonrai Security can help enterprises by reducing these risks and providing the insight needed to be compliance across all of AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes

A Platform Designed With Input From Auditors, Like You

Our experience working with Audit teams at our Fortune 500 customers have resulted in a platform that solves Auditors most complex cloud security challenge: finding security gaps that are required to address compliance requirements and guiding remediation actions when gaps are identified.

For auditor teams looking to ensure security plays a central role in cloud initiatives, our governance automation engine secures these projects without slowing down innovation.

Sonrai Dig supports clients through audits by taking a new approach to identity and data security. For auditors looking for risk reduction and continuous compliance across multiple clouds, we provide visibility and remediation that implements risk reduction and compliance requirements.

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The Challenge of Cloud Data Sprawl and the Need for Cloud Data Control for auditors

The Challenge of Cloud Data Sprawl and the Need for Data Control

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Enforce Compliance

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Automate Security

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Monitor Data

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Monitor Identities

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Increase Visibility

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