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Cloud Data, Identity & Infrastructure -Answering What Security Folks Are Afraid To Ask

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Johna Till Johnson, CEO, Nemertes
Eric Kedrosky, Research Director & CISO, Sonrai Security
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We’re years into the cloud era, yet companies are still making the same mistakes. Week after week, we’re still seeing the same “breach headlines”. The issues have been so well documented— what are people missing?

The truth is, security teams are using outdated paradigms that lead them to repeat old mistakes. Join Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson and Eric Kedrosky, Research Director & Chief Information Security Officer at Sonrai Security as they discuss "Top Five Ways To Get Cloud Security Right" in a lively, interactive discussion. They’ll sketch out the challenges and highlight the steps that enterprise security technologists need to take to get cloud security right.

Participants will learn what they’re missing in next-generation cloud security, and how to tackle the knotty issues of cloud identity, access management, and policy enforcement.

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