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Why WFH and Cloud Will Permanently Change Security: 5 Changes You Can Make Now

Organizations around the world have recently been forced to rapidly shift to a mandatory work from home (WFH) arrangement. Even […]
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Identity Security & Secrets Management: Key to Unlocking Public Cloud Security

Gartner forecasts that the worldwide public cloud market will grow 17% in 2020 to total $266.4 billion, up from $227.8 […]
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Preventing Catastrophic Data Loss in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Public cloud has broken new ground with respect to the integration of data protection and security. As S3 buckets, queues, […]
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Managing Non-people Identities in AWS and Azure

Cloud-native application development and DevOps has led to an explosion of what are called non-people identities. Non-people identities (servers, VMs, […]
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Privilege Escalation Attacks in AWS: How They Work, How To Stop Them

AWS, like every advanced cloud platform, has well-known security flaws that can lead to catastrophic problems if you are not […]
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How Public Cloud Changes Cybersecurity for the Better

While many basic security controls are enduring, public cloud (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) has introduced a wave of new […]
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