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Unrestricted Access, Orphaned Accounts & * Permissions: A Cloud Security Horror Story

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Sonrai Security's CISO Eric Kedrosky, and Principal Security Architect, Nathan Schmidt
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Is there anything more frightening than the security risks that are lurking in your cloud? Effective permission chaining, orphaned accounts, unrestricted data movement, platform misconfigurations; these issues and more are plaguing companies despite countless examples of cloud data breaches that should have been a wake up call to us all.

More than a decade into this new frontier, even the most advanced companies are struggling with basic security risk in the cloud. Some don’t know where the problems lie, and others don’t have the right tools to remediate new security and compliance risks. Approaches from the on-prem world, like traditional IAM, don’t cut it anymore. Teams need new methods for managing data, identity and cloud platform risks.

Join Eric Kedrosky, CISO and Director of Cloud Research at Sonrai Security and Nathan Schmidt, Principal Security Architect at Sonrai Security for this haunting exploration of the “Tales from the Field”, an event focused on the first hand account of security risks that have bedeviled companies in the public cloud.

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