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Autonomy vs Centralization: Cloud Security in the Modern Enterprise

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Time: Dec 14 2021, 12:00pm EST

Presented By
Sandy Bird, CTO and co-founder of Sonrai Security

Digital transformation has brought many organizations to the cloud, eager to take advantage of opportunities for rapid innovation, productivity gains, and cost savings that can help sustain an edge over the competition. But this new world of software development also requires new ways of thinking about security and is as much a cultural change as a technology shift. In order to realize the benefits of the cloud, developers need the autonomy to produce code and products as they see fit. This requires agility and speed that cannot be slowed down by security and compliance measures. So how do we build cloud architectures that still foster this independence but can also provide centralized governance to protect cloud workloads, platforms, and data?

This is a question that many teams have struggled with, but we’re here to help answer. Join Sandy Bird, CTO, and co-founder of Sonrai Security, for this presentation focused on helping you design a secure cloud framework. Attendees will learn:

  • Why the complexities of identity & data management in cloud environments create new risks we may not be aware of
  • Ways to build a culture where autonomy is preserved and cloud risk management is still respected
  • How to detect risks such as policy violations, misconfigurations, data drift and toxic combinations without harming productivity

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