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Cloud Security For Telecommunications

Governing the Identities, Data, and Access of the Connected World


Customer demands are shifting constantly. That means there is a staggering transformation that has affected the manner in which people live their lives, communicate with one another, and access information. Not only do you need to be efficient and ensure the highest quality, but you need to be seamless in switching from one generation of technology to its successor to meet new customer demands.

The use of public cloud delivers an unparalleled ability to rapidly bring new products and services to market, and flexibly scale them in real-time to meet demand. This however comes with significant concerns. For example, when protecting personally identifiable information (PII), there is frequently also a compliance requirement in the form of PCI DSS or other government, industry, telecom, or corporate standards. These challenges make security and compliance a strategic element of their adoption of cloud.

Sonrai Dig helps telecommunications companies innovate, modernize, and transform by removing the barriers to using the public cloud securely and allow their employees and TSPs to focus on what truly matters for their businesses: meeting customer demands.

With relentless remediation, Sonrai Dig clients achieve continuous security and compliance, and can fully realize the benefits of the public cloud by migrating regulated workloads.

Increase Visibility And Transparency

With Sonrai Dig, your architecture is secure, agile, and compliant. Dig helps your organization gain visibility into the risk associated with your cloud and container services, and audit compliance with important standards. Sonrai helps teams of all types, auditors, operations, security, and cloud managers, identifying areas with possible compliance issues, as well as providing guidance to remediate those issues. Using a heat-map visual, as well as reporting and a history of non-compliant resources, your organization can continuously monitor database and database service access to get immediate feedback on the health of your public cloud increasing visibility and transparency.

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Prevent Misconfigurations

Deploying workloads into the cloud can quickly involve complex sets of microservices and serverless functions in fluid architectures that change every few minutes or seconds, creating a constantly changing security environment creating thousands of pieces of compute across hundreds of roles. This complexity in identity and data access leaves your company at risk.

With Sonrai Dig, all changes are detected because we continuously monitoring and automate. This allows Sonrai Dig to identify misconfiguration and resolve them with automated remediation and prevention bots. Your organization will have peace of mind that critical resources such as S3 buckets and VPCs retain their baseline configurations.

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Streamline Governance Across the Cloud

Sonrai Dig gives your telecommunication organization a cloud platform posture and it comes with out-of-the-box compliance frameworks. Security groups with Internet access or exposed ports, public buckets, encryption and audit state, access key rotation, weak ciphers are examples of the hundreds of controls that are continuously monitored. Controls are organized into frameworks to support CIS, NIST, PCI, and many other compliance mandates.

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AWS Checklist for 2021: Expert Advice on Security and Risk Priorities

There are many benefits to using AWS, but how do you manage security, compliance, and access risk within the AWS environment? Ignoring security gaps and relying on a single vendor dramatically increases risk, but with many cloud and security teams being asked to reduce costs in the challenging economic climate, taking a single vendor approach can be tempting. Watch this webinar to learn strategies to mitigate these risks.

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