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Cloud Security For Manufacturing

Govern Data and Access Across Your Smart Factory Cloud Operations


Customer demands in the manufacturing space are shifting constantly. That means shorter product cycles and time-to-market. Not only do you need to be efficient and ensure the highest quality but you also need to be fast and responsive. Sonrai Dig helps manufacturing clients innovate, modernize, and transform by removing the barriers to using the public cloud securely and allowing their employees and supply chain participants (customers and suppliers) to focus on what truly matters for their businesses: innovation.

Manufacturers and industrial organizations, therefore, need to be prepared to address the many challenges that come with leveraging the public cloud at scale. It is vitally important to put strategies in place that protect personally identifiable information (PII), protect valuable IP, and safeguard financial transactions and other critical business processes. There is frequently a compliance requirement in the form of government, industry, or corporate standards that needs to be considered. With this in mind, security and compliance become a strategic element of their adoption of cloud.

These companies use Sonrai Dig to protect their public cloud environments from misconfiguration, policy violations, identity, and data governance challenges. With automated, real-time remediation, Sonrai Dig clients achieve continuous security and compliance, and can fully realize the benefits of the public cloud by migrating regulated workloads and building supply-chain applications.

Secure and Lock Down Your Data

Global manufacturers deal with sensitive data each and every day. This includes test and quality data, warranty information, device history records, and engineering specs for products that are highly confidential. Trusting that data to remain secure in the cloud requires a strong identity and data security solution.

With Sonrai Dig, your architecture is secure, agile, and compliant. By continuously monitoring database and database service access, Dig will get immediate feedback on the health of your public cloud. We will uncover all identity and data relationships between people and non-people identities (admins, roles, compute instances, serverless functions, and containers) across multi-cloud accounts and third-party data stores to map trust relationships to secure and lock down sensitive data.

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Shift Left to Drive Growth

Expansion into new markets and strategic acquisitions are driving growth for many manufacturing companies. They are demanding a more agile approach to system innovation and process support in the public cloud and Sonrai Dig is in a prime position to support this shift. Sonrai Dig organizes analysis, alerts, and actions for identity and data access in the way you organize your cloud.

Dev teams across your business populate your cloud with workloads and data in development, staging, and production. Some workloads access sensitive data, some workloads are blocked from external access, and some are not blocked at all. You teams structure your cloud into swimlanes that reflect different needs for monitoring and control and Dig is organized to meet that structure. Our platform is entirely driven by open APIs to allow integration into CI/CD development pipelines. The automated checks in development or staging swimlanes ensure costly configuration mistakes don’t make it into production.

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Identity Risk Monitoring and Access Graphing

When risks aren’t managed correctly, we often see the negative results plastered on the news and across social media. Delays, breaches, and quality issues are all prevalent in the manufacturing industry today. The key to preventing these issues in your company is being aware of your areas of vulnerability.

Sonrai Dig uncovers all identity and data relationships between people and non-people identities across multi-cloud accounts and third-party data stores. Dig then graphs all access paths to get to and enforce the principle of Least Privilege, and workflow enables certification of identities.

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Identity Risk Monitoring and Access Graphing

AWS Checklist for 2021: Expert Advice on Security and Risk Priorities

There are many benefits to using AWS, but how do you manage security, compliance, and access risk within the AWS environment? Ignoring security gaps and relying on a single vendor dramatically increases risk, but with many cloud and security teams being asked to reduce costs in the challenging economic climate, taking a single vendor approach can be tempting. Watch this webinar to learn strategies to mitigate these risks.

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