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Cloud Security For Managed Service Providers


In the era of cloud, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) offer an invaluable service to companies who seek an alternative to supporting these IT functions in-house. Recruiting and retaining in-house cloud operations and cloud security operations staff can be very difficult and very expensive. Working with an MSP or MSSP can offer an alternative approach to companies that would rather have a skilled and competent partner deliver these capabilities-as-a-service.

With cloud adoption, customers look to MSPs and MSSPs to implement the strategies that protect personally identifiable information (PII), protect valuable IP, and safeguard financial transactions and other critical business processes. There is frequently also a compliance requirement in the form of government, industry, or corporate standards. These challenges make security and compliance a core component of MSP and MSSP offerings. 

Leading MSPs and MSSPs, use Sonrai Security to protect their customers’ cloud and container environments from misconfiguration, policy violations, threats, data and identity governance challenges. 

With automated, real-time remediation, MSP and MSSP clients can deliver continuous security and compliance as a service, and help customers fully realize the benefits of public cloud.

Sonrai Dig Helps Managed Service Providers De-Risk Their Clouds

Data Security to Protect Crown Jewel Data

Sonrai Dig is built on a sophisticated graph that continuously identifies and monitors every possible relationship between identities and data that exists inside your public cloud. Our identity and data governance platform graphs all access paths to enforce Least Privilege, and our workflow enables certification of identities. This means risks like separation of duties, privilege escalation, toxic combinations, dormant identities, and more can be eliminated reducing access to crown jewel data.

Managed Service Providers for cloud security and data and identity governance

Reduce Complexity And Risk

Future environments will become more complex, requiring help from MSPs and MSSPs who pos­sess a broad range of skills, resources, and manage­ment models. Helping those who are migrating to and managing implementations into the public cloud requires securing sensitive data. Inside Sonrai Dig, our platform relentlessly monitors critical data sitting inside object stores and database services. Suspicious access activity or undesirable changes in access rights are flagged, reporting, remediated, and prevented. With Sonrai Dig for Managed Service Providers, your business and your clients business architecture is secure, agile, and compliant.

Managed Service Providers for cloud security and data and identity governance reduce complexity

Integration and Automation Between Teams

With first-generation security tools, too many alerts repeatedly go to the wrong teams creating what is known as "alert fatigue." With Sonrai Dig, your cloud is organized into swimlanes broken down by team and project to get the right issue to the right person. Our role-based access gives different views depending on roles and owners with context-based alerts going to the correct teams. When working across teams, the platform is API driven so it tightly integrates into an organization's CI/CD pipeline. This means code promotions with policy violations are automatically blocked so that they don’t get into production.

Sonrai Dig gives your MSP organization a cloud platform posture with the right management tools across teams to help during and after a move to AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.

Secure and Lockdown Data

Get a Free Identity & Data Access Assessment of Your Public Cloud

Sonrai Security is offering a free cloud risk assessment for MSPs. Identify all excessive privilege, escalation, and separation of duty risks across all of the roles and compute instances across your clouds. See what is accessing that data, what has access, what could get access, what has changed. Our team will use the powerful Sonrai Dig platform to deliver a free assessment of your current identity and data access risks.