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Cloud Security For Education Companies


Technology shifts are designed to help students grow and succeed, both in the classroom and in the workforce. The cloud can serve as a force multiplier in achieving this goal, putting additional tools to enhance student learning directly into the hands of educators. Indeed, hundreds of millions of students, educators, and researchers around the world have access to education technologies and online curricula. Numerous educational initiatives have created the need to efficiently lift and shift workloads to the cloud to deliver better educational experiences and services for faculty, students, and administrative staff.

With this shift to digital education in the public cloud comes a significant concern to protect and govern data. For example, protecting student information with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or protecting personally identifiable information (PII), and there is frequently also a compliance requirement in the form of PCI DSS or other government, industry, or educational standards. These challenges make security and compliance a strategic element of their adoption of cloud computing.

However, educational institutions can accelerate innovation for education technologies and online curricula using the public cloud without the loss of control. Leading educational institutes use Sonrai Security to protect their public cloud environments from misconfiguration, policy violations, identity and data governance challenges.

Sonrai Dig Helps Education Organizations De-Risk Their Clouds

Secure Sensitive Data in the Public Cloud

Legally-protected sensitive data ranging from student assessments, staff, and teachers’ files, to the financial data must be protected and Sonrai Dig can help. With Sonrai Dig for educational institutions, your organizations architecture is secure, agile, and compliant maintaining privacy and confidentiality of data files by continuously monitoring database and database service access. To get immediate feedback on the health of your public cloud, Dig provides a security baseline and ‘locks’ trust relationships to your resources and data. Any downstream policy, role, or privilege change that enables undesired access will automatically generate alerts keeping your sensitive data secure. Sonrai Dig discovers and monitors access to these critical stores and resources.

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Reduce Complexity in Your Environment

Deploying workloads into the cloud can quickly involve complex sets of microservices and serverless functions in fluid architectures that change every few minutes or seconds, creating a constantly changing security environment creating thousands of pieces of compute across hundreds of roles. This complexity in identity and data access leaves your organization at risk. By reducing it, your organization can better manage its resources whether it is people, processes, policies, or compute. Sonrai Dig can decode permissions and activity of roles and identities so your organization may track permissions and monitor activity of all of these identities as they create roles, assume roles, and gain access to your data.

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Enforce Strict Compliance Regulations

Handling student information and other sensitive data in education are strictly regulated and must be strictly adhered to and reported. With automated tools and reporting, Sonrai Dig allows you to monitor compliance, giving continuous assurance that your organization is in compliance with regulations and standards, minimizing risks that could lead to a data breach, and minimizing the chance that human error could lead to a gap in compliance.

Sonrai Dig gives your education organization a cloud platform posture and comes with out-of-the box compliance frameworks. Security groups with internet access or exposed ports, public buckets, encryption and audit state, access key rotation, and weak ciphers are examples of the 100s of controls that are continuously monitored. 

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Get a Free Identity & Data Access Assessment of Your Public Cloud

Sonrai Security is offering a free cloud risk assessment for education organizations. Identify all excessive privilege, escalation, and separation of duty risks across all of the roles and compute instances across your clouds. See what is accessing that data, what has access, what could get access, what has changed. Our team will use the powerful Sonrai Dig platform to deliver a free assessment of your current identity and data access risks.