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Sonrai Security is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for fwd:cloudsec 2020, a new, not-for-profit, virtual conference on cloud security. Come meet our cloud security experts and learn how Sonrai Security data and identity governance platform helps you de-risk your cloud.

fwd:cloudsec is a not-for-profit cloud security event with discussions about all the major cloud platforms, both defense and attack research, limitations of security features, the pros and cons of various security strategies, and generally, the different types of things cloud practitioners want to know, but that don’t fit neatly into a vendor conference schedule.

fwd:cloudsec 2020 will be held entirely online instead of in-person with the same high-quality content and networking opportunities as live fwd:cloudsec 2020 events. You'll have a chance to engage with our solutions a little different. Rather than an expo hall, you can engage with our cloud security experts, practitioners and business developers by requesting information through our website for a free cloud security assessment. We are happy to understand more about your business and share more about our identity and data governance solutions.

While you're here, get more information on Sonrai Dig, an identity and data protection platform for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, that solves a unique challenge around identity and data protection. Simply put, we find security holes you didn’t even know existed in your cloud, help you plug them, and make sure they won’t reappear. Existing security tools miss this as you’ve probably seen with all of the recent cloud breaches.

Save your seat and get your free pass to this cloud security virtual event.

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Sonrai Security is offering a free cloud risk assessment. Identify all excessive privilege, escalation, and separation of duty risks across all of the roles and compute instances across your clouds. See what is accessing that data, what has access, what could get access, what has changed. Our team will use the powerful Sonrai Dig platform to deliver a free assessment of your current identity and data access risks.

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