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Energy Company Swaps Index Cards, Excel for DevSecOps

Author: Sonrai Security Marketing | Date: March 23, 2021
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Skill Level: Executive
Skill Level: Executive

Recently, Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer at interviewed our client Richard Delisser, SVP of Land Technology, Cloud and Infrastructure at World Fuel Services for a recent article called "Energy Company Swaps Index Cards, Excel for DevSecOps."

According to the article, World Fuel Services, a global fuel provider, had accumulated 22 data centers through business acquisitions, many of which were running legacy workloads. The challenge for the company was that they needed to consolidate data centers to optimize costs and to deliver technology at the pace of a startup. With an audacious goal to migrate to the AWS public cloud and get out of the business of running data centers within 2 years, they began looking for solutions.

The article continues stating Delisser and his team asked other IT pros at Silicon Valley companies how they secured cloud deployments and during these discussions. They met Sonrai Security CEO and co-founder Brendan Hannigan where he advised World Fuel Services on how to establish a cloud security operating model. World Fuel Services decided to deploy its products six months ago with success.

To learn more about World Fuel Services success with Sonrai Security by reading our client case study.

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